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USI Techs Rodney Burton Picks up his Lamborghini Paid with Bitcoin

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Well what can i say!

I personally met Rodney just a few weeks ago, at the Usi Techs 1st year anniversary event in London, I managed to get a few minutes with him to have a quick chat and grab a photo opportunity along with my brother mark.

Rodney is a pretty awesome guy with an amazing story to tell. In 2014 prior to his release from prison, Rodney had never used the internet, determined to make a better life for himself, he completely embraced technology.

And in just a few short years Rodney is now financially free and just one of Usi Techs 17 Millionaires to date Just Last week “Bitcoin Rodney” picked up his 350k Lamborghini completely paid for with Bitcoin

All using USI TECH

USI Techs Rodney Burton Picks up his Lamborghini Paid with Bitcoin


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1st Year Anniversary Event Usi Tech Int

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Usi Tech Owner with Mark stokes & James Pitsillides
I recently attended the 1st Year Anniversary Event Usi Tech Int at Heathrow  london Uk

Over 1400 passionate members gathered for the unveiling of the newest product range and details of the 70 million dollar investment into the Bitcoin mining.

Usi Tech have been successfully increasing the wealth of all its members by paying them in Bitcoin at the rate of 1% Profit daily

The companies flagship product prior to the event was Crypto currency trading and the Forex market

The company announced the massive 70 million investment into mining hardware, both Alt coins and Bitcoin. This will elevate the company into the top 1 % of mining facilities in the world.

They also revealed they have successfully received a patent in 17 countries for the first mining rig that produces its own FREE electricity, makiing them the most profitable mining company in the world

Below is a short Video interview with the USI Tech owners Ralf Gold & Mike Keifer Discuss the latest Mining Facilty

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